Let us have an overview of kidney stones:

About 1,000,000 individuals are treated for kidney stones every year. When your kidney stones are small in size, they will smoothly go through the urinary tract. You can never see it. 

You may encounter unbearable pain when a bigger stone attempts to pass through the ureter bladder or urethra. You will feel like someone is stabbing you. 

The pain typically arises when the stone is moving. You may have pain when the stone is in your kidney, and it is not hindering your system.

How does kidney stone form?

  1. A kidney is an organ working for cleaning up the blood and making pee, eliminating wastes. Kidney stones develop on specific substances that remain together and concentrate, in the end, becomes stone. In any case, numerous minerals and substances can gather.
  2. The most prevalent reason for kidney stones is the development of abundance calcium gathering. We get calcium from our everyday diet from only milk or green vegetables.
  3. Our kidney eliminates additional calcium from our blood into the pee each day. Now and then, there is an excessive amount of calcium in our blood for a kidney to eliminate.
  4. Calcium would then be able to combine with different substances and afterwards develop stones by remaining together. Over some time, it will ultimately become painful kidney stones.

Generally, kidney stones develop in a three-step process. These are-

So, what are the symptoms of Kidney stones?

  1. Lower abdomen pain
  2. Severe pain inside and back
  3. Pain while urination
  4. Bleeding through urine
  5. Vomiting
  6. Nausea
  7. Fever due to severe pain
  8. Persistent urination

Now, let us see how to prevent kidney stones in Pune or Aurangabad?

If you are experiencing kidney stones, you are in more danger of getting them once more. We are explaining a few different ways you can decrease the danger

  1. Stay hydrated and drink heaps of water for the day. Water keeps minerals away from concentrating.
  2. Eat a reliable measure of calcium and sodium. Even though the source of sodium and calcium are fundamental pieces of our eating routine, it is critical not to burn-through these minerals unnecessarily.
  3. Avoid excessive meat utilization. We realize that high meat abstains from food have an association with kidney stone developments.

How can homoeopathic medicines benefit kidney stone treatment in Pune & Aurangabad?

Homoeopathy medications for kidney stones have effective cures. The cures work effectively on lessening your pain. It breaks and dissolves the rocks with your pee. 

In the end, you dispose of kidney stones. The treatment is safe, effective, and less harmful. A broad scope of homoeopathic drugs is accessible for the best kidney stone treatment in aurangabad.


Most commonly, people who belong to the age group of twenty to forty are at high risk of developing kidney stones.


Though the pain is intense yet, there are no such complications. But if the stones block your urinary tract for long, it can damage your kidney and lead to infections in your internal organs.


Definitely, homoeopathic medicines can treat your kidney stones very effectively without any side effects.


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