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Homoeopathic remedies are the most effective, non–toxic, and quick in action treatments. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the second-largest therapeutic system in the world. The healing Center Advanced Specialty Homoeopathy clinic is the Best Leading Homeopathy Clinic in Aurangabad & Pune since 2016, We have treated more than 10,000 patients. We treat every patient with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. We provide safe homoeopathy treatments according to the symptoms of each individual. We have a start-of-art infrastructure that enables us to provide comfort to our patients.


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We are the first Homoeopathy centre in Aundh, Pune.that provides evidence-based treatment. Through reports of tests conducted before and after the treatment, we give evidence to our patients that their treatment is healing them. Hence, we are the most trustworthy homoeopathy clinic in Aurangabad & Pune since 2016.

Patients all over Maharashtra visit our clinic or get online consultation from us because of our speciality.


Our Specialize Doctor

Dr Yogesh Jadhav is a renowned and leading homoeopathy doctor. He is skilled in treating wide-range of minor to complex ailments. Dr Jadhav prescribes the most efficient and patient-tailored treatment.

Moreover, he completed his Masters in Advanced Specialty Homoeopathy (MCAH) from Mumbai. Further, he earned vast experience in treating patients of both acute and chronic diseases.

​Since 2015, Dr Yogesh Jadhav is a registered Homeopathic Practitioner of AYUSH Department. He established The Healing Centre Advanced Speciality Homeopathy Clinic in 2016 in Aurangabad & Pune. Dr Jadhav has equipped the clinic with modern infrastructure and advanced medicines. It helps in giving safe and productive treatment.

  • Dr. Snehal Jadhav is an Aurangabad and Pune-based consultant homeopath and clinical cosmetologist. She completed BHMS and a post-graduate diploma in cosmetology. To discover the root cause and treat skin and hair problems or conditions, she combines homeopathy medications with modern cosmetic technologies as much as possible.
  • She believes in integrating the latest scientific developments in cosmetology with her outstanding skill and a keen eye for aesthetics to obtain natural-looking results. Her scientific and realistic approach to facial aesthetics has earned her recognition.
  • Furthermore, she assures that people concerned about their appearance are assisted in the most effective way possible in overcoming their insecurities and living life to the fullest.
  • Since completing her training, Dr. Snehal Jadhav has continued to improve her knowledge and contribute to developing innovative treatment procedures to provide patients with fast, safer, and long-lasting results.

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31 December 2023


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