Homeopathic Treatment for Heart Failure in Aurangabad & Pune

Heart failure, sometimes called congestive heart failure, happens when your heart muscle does not pump blood properly.

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Nowadays, many people in Aurangabad suffer from heart failure. Are you at risk of heart failure too? This article has discussed heart failure symptoms and how homoeopathic medicine can help you manage those symptoms. Let us begin by understanding what heart failure is.

What is Heart Failure?


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Heart failure, sometimes called congestive heart failure, happens when your heart muscle does not pump blood properly. Some conditions, like narrowed arteries within your heart (coronary artery disease) or increased blood pressure, gradually make your heart stiff or weak to fill and pump blood properly. Not every condition that causes heart failure can be treated. However, homoeopathic medications can manage heart failure symptoms and help you live longer. So, what are the signs and symptoms of heart failure?

Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Failure

Heart failure can be continuing (chronic), or your condition may begin unexpectedly (acute). Some of the symptoms of heart failure include:


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  • Breath shortness (dyspnea) when you exert yourself or when you lie down
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Swelling (oedema) in your ankles, legs, and feet
  • Irregular or rapid heartbeat
  • Decrease exercise ability
  • Continuous cough or wheezing
  • Excessive urination during the night
  • Abdomen swelling(ascites)
  • Unexpected weight gain from fluid retention
  • Lack of appetite and nausea
  • Problems concentrating or reduced alertness
  • Unexpected, severe breath shortness and foamy mucus
  • Chest pain if a heart attack caused your heart failure

One way to avoid heart failure is to manage symptoms with homoeopathic medicines. It can treat the causes of heart failure, like high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, obesity, or diabetes. Also, these conditions are treated without any side effects. Apart from homoeopathy, you must also consider lifestyle changes like exercising, decreasing salt in your diet, reducing stress, and losing weight. So, let us get into detail about homoeopathic medicines that help in managing heart failure symptoms.

Homoeopathic Treatment for Heart Failures

Homoeopathy treatment is growing and getting practised all over the world.

Its strength is in its evident benefits as it offers a holistic approach to treatment. Homoeopathy encourages inner balance at emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical levels. This will help you in overall healing.

When heart failure is concerned, there are several effective medications present in homoeopathy. However, the selection is based upon your physical and mental symptoms of heart failure. So, before taking any homoeopathic medicines, you must consult a homoeopathic centre in Aurangabad.

We have mentioned some of the homoeopathy medicines which are beneficial in managing the symptoms of heart failure.

Aurum metallicum 30

Aurum metallicum 30 is a beneficial homoeopathic medication for heart problems. This remedy is good if you have any of the following conditions mentioned below:

  • Sensations as if your heart stopped beating for two to three seconds, instantly followed by a tumultuous rebound.
  • Oppression at the heart
  • Pulse rapid, irregular, and feeble
  • High blood pressure

Digitalis purpurea 3x

Digitalis is a fantastic homoeopathic solution for the conditions mentioned below:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Sensation as if your heart will stop beating if you move
  • Weak heart
  • Minimum movement brings violent palpitations
  • Frequent stitches in your heart

Strophanthus his: 

It is a beneficial homoeopathic solution to treat heart failure with:

  • Leg’s oedema
  • The heart is weak, irregular, rapid because of insufficiency and muscle weakness.
  • Rapid pulse frequently changing to slow, small, weak, and irregular

Laurocerasus 30

Laurocerasus is the best homoeopathic medications for heart failure with:

  • Pain in the heart region
  • There is a clutching feeling in the heart and palpitations as well
  • Your pulse is weak, slow, variable, or irregular
  • You feel suffocation, palpitations, and fainting

Crataegus oxy

Crataegus is seen as a heart tonic, it is good for conditions where:

  • Heart muscles feel flabby, worn down
  • Heart weakness with oppression, insomnia, and stitches
  • Extreme tightness of the chest without pulse increase

Cardus marianus q

Carduus marianus is a beneficial homoeopathic medication for heart failure with:

  • Liver complaints
  • Pain stitches and pressure in the heart region
  • Oppression over deep breathing

Naja tripudians 30

Naja is suitable for heart failure with:

  • Valvular disorders and weakness
  • Visible palpitations
  • Injured heart after infectious diseases

Now that you know, homoeopathy offers a solution for heart failures, visit your homoeopathy clinic in Aurangabad today. They will help you understand your condition and provide an individualized treatment plan.

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